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Indigenous Network & Cybersecurity Operation Center for Regional N.S.W

Yirigaa chairman, Nyunggai Warren Mundine AO announced today that the indigenous technology and cybersecurity company had partnered with ITIC and Cyber Security Defence (CSD) to locate a Network Operation Center and Cyber Security Operations Center in the regional NSW city of Orange.

In these uncertain times, I am excited to be delivering positive news and an outcome that will provide opportunities for indigenous trainees, interns, and skilled professionals in regional NSW.

Yirigaa was created with a specific purpose to encourage and assist indigenous students and professionals to consider technology and cybersecurity as their chosen career or for those with the skills already, a job. Partnering with industry-renowned experts is allowing Yirigaa to fulfill these ambitions. This is the first step in a model we hope to replicate across Australia in providing career pathways to Indigenous Australians in the IT and Cyber Security industry.

ITIC and CSD bring over forty years of industry expertise in running enterprise NOC and CSOC environments and are relocating their existing metro operations and client support to Orange. This move enables “on the ground” experienced front line engineers located in regional NSW that can provide “hands-on” mentorship to trainees, and interns a true opportunity for indigenous candidates in the region said, Mr. Mundine.

ITIC has an Australian based NOC and CSOC, providing services both directly to organisations, or via Managed Services and Security Providers, including their “Communications Recording” platform, which is owned and operated by ITIC and hosted inside Telstra’s core network, providing strategic governance and compliance voice recording for Telstra’s clients on their mobile, Liberate IP Telephony and Enterprise SIP platforms.

The ITIC NOC and CSOC’s offer Work Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunities in pathway programs for undergraduates and postgraduates from Charles Sturt University, Macquarie University, UTS, and UNSW. These WIL programs are embedded within the undergraduate or postgraduate degree and accredited by the Australian Computer Society.  ITIC Managing Director, Stephen Elbourn said that he was excited about the role ITIC was playing in supporting career opportunities by expanding these existing programs specifically for Indigenous Australians.

Jeff Whitton, Yirigaa Managing Director, said that since launching Yirigaa the encouragement and collaboration from the industry and State and Federal members has been tremendous. For several reasons, I believe it is the right time to situate the Network and Cyber Security Operation Center in Regional NSW. The Australian private sector has traditionally offshored this function,  but with the recent events of COVID-19, the private sector are moving fast to re-establish these services and functions back into Australia.

I have been in discussion with many of these organisations who are doing just that and when I mention what Yirigaa is undertaking, and the purpose of my fellow directors, Nyunggai Warren Mundine AO, Yawun Mundine, and Stephen Elbourn,  they are enthusiastic to share in delivering on Yirigaa objectives and purpose.