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BUSH SUMMIT & Aboriginal Technology

Spent the day at the Bush Summit  talking about – resilience, strength, opportunity and technology. 

Australia is a land of opportunity and regional and rural Australia is its back bone but we need to ensure that these areas have access to the best infrastructure and technology to attract industry and innovation to create opportunity and jobs in the bush to be competitive in the 21st century. 

Regional areas is where  we should be building  Australia’s version of Silicon Valley.  Regional Australia is a prime location to lead  the technology industrial age in this region and globally.

It is mine & Yirigaa’s vision to see Aboriginal people front and center  in having the opportunity to fill roles in Cyber Security, Data Sciences, AI development and to create their own startup tech companies.

This is the message I passed on to the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, NSW Premier and Deputy Premier today …. ” we can do this , lets do this ..”

Nyunggai Warren Mundine AO

Chair – Yirigaa