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Indigenous Jobs supporting Telstra Communications Recording – ITIC

ITIC has partnered with Indigenous technology company, Yirigaa in providing skills pathway for indigenous engineers to work in the CSOC & NOC located in Orange.

Telstra’s Comms Recording product is delivered and supported by Australian company ITIC. The incoming Yirigaa indigenous engineers will be trained on this product to provide support to Telstra and its Commsrecording clients across Australia. These clients include State and Federal government departments, as well as some of Australia’s leading banks and largest enterprise customers, said ITIC managing director, Stephen Elbourn.

Yirigaa chairman Nyunggai Warren Mundine said, the opportunity for Yirigaa’s indigenous engineers to be involved in supporting this high profile Telstra product alongside ITICs exceptionally qualified and certified CSOC and NOC team is a fantastic life-changing outcome for these indigenous individuals of the Yirigaa family.

This is just the first of many such alliances that Yirigaa is announcing over the coming months in creating training, jobs, and life-changing opportunities for indigenous candidates in the Cyber Security and Technology domains. It is an exciting time, Yirigaa is getting enormous interest and support both from industry and government in our endeavours to create permanent jobs, learning pathways and future lifestyles for indigenous peoples who are, or want to be in this industry, said Jeff Whitton, Yirigaa managing director.