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Yirigaa Article

Yirigaa, Wiradjuri for Morning Star, is an Aboriginal company focused on providing technology careers for Indigenous Australians in key areas such as Cyber Security, Data Science and Software Development. We are an Australian based Cyber Security and Network Ops Centre located in Orange, we are proud that our roots are Regional and our staff are highly trained certified experts and  mentors that deliver ”universal” outcomes.

The Board Are:

Our Vision

To empower First Nations Australians with skills in technology, Cyber Security, Data Science and Software Development and share in the economic opportunities this industry offers to those who seek it.

Yawun Mundine comments that “this is a huge growth area, which I have found to have enormous opportunities. I haven’t found many Aboriginal people in this industry and want to open up first training to ensure our people have the necessary skills and qualifications, to then lead into employment in this field, where they have appropriate qualifications to apply for positions.” 

Lynette Riley wants to “open opportunities in an industry not often highlighted as providing astounding opportunities for First Nation Australians and sees this as an untapped area of skills and economic development for our people. Yirigaa offers opportunities to get in on the ground floor of this exciting industry.”

Free Scholarship Program

We urgently want to draw to First Nations people’s attention the opportunities for free scholarships for training in the industry, with highly credentialed staff in Cyber Security Incident Response Manager.

  • No pre-requisites are required.
  • Learn with an Instructor online or self-paced with access to the session recordings and learning material 24×7. 
  • Choose a scheduled session – online or self-paced – that fits with your lifestyle demands.
  • Obtain an industry recognised certification.

Yirigaa certification courses map to the seven categories of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NICE Framework, published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in NIST Special Publication 800-181.

You get to choose between the following scheduled course times to fit within with your lifestyle demands

  • Summer Semester 13 weeks ( This course is designed to fit in with University students on summer holiday break)
  • Bootcamp (This course is for students who have the time to fast track the course) with three sessions per week over five weeks that includes another two weeks of work-integrated hands-on tasks

For more information, please contact us direct on our email to register or for further information: