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Yirigaa Cyber Security Academy

Yirigaa Cyber Security Academy utilises Project Ares labs to help #cybersecurity #professionals #upskill and train persistently.

The Yirigaa Cyber Academy team consists of industry experts with many years of field experience in Corporations, Government, Military, Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies to lead the instructor sessions.

A catalogue of immersive cyber scenarios backs the game-inspired, web-based platform.

You reach preparedness goals with built-in learning exercises on virtual machines accessed on a cyber range.

You get actual hands-on keyboard practice anywhere, anytime, in a sandboxed environment with open-source cyber tools.

Hands-on scenario training helps teams combat cyber warfare and predict the unpredictable to safeguard enterprise, federal and civilian cybersecurity infrastructure.

Project Ares labs help trainers develop their team’s skills in cybersecurity so that highly realistic and relevant training is within reach.

Train in a virtual “real world” environment on Microsoft 365 security tools.

Certifications curriculums

* Threat Intelligence Analysis Manager
* Incident Investigations & Response Manager
* Cyber Security Defence & Operations Manager
* Cyber Crime Investigation Specialist
* Network Defence & Investigations Manager
* Disaster Response & Recovery Manager

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