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Welcome to Yirigaa, where technology meets tradition. We’re an Aboriginal Australian-owned company committed to empowering communities and advancing IT with cultural integrity.

The Future of Technology

We harness technology to unlock new opportunities and deepen cultural connections. As a pioneering Aboriginal Australian-owned and managed tech company, we lead the integration of innovation with cultural respect within the industry.

Our commitment is vital to both advancing technology and enhancing cultural inclusion. Through our innovative solutions and educational initiatives, we strive to empower communities and bridge the gaps between modern technology and ancient traditions.

Yirigaa is more than just a technology provider. We create environments where innovation is informed by cultural understanding. With our comprehensive services and the Yirigaa Academy, we support career paths in IT for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth while providing culturally aware IT solutions to businesses and government agencies. We are dedicated to building a future where technology and tradition coexist and flourish together.

Our Story

"Yirigaa," meaning "Morning Star" in the Wiradjuri language, symbolises the dawn of new beginnings and the promise of opportunities. This name embodies our commitment to pioneering new technological pathways while profoundly honouring the cultural heritage of Australia’s First Nations peoples.

Founded in 2020 on Gadigal Country, Yirigaa was established with a clear vision: to address the underrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the tech industry. We embarked on a mission to fuse advanced technology with rich cultural traditions, creating career pathways through education and innovative IT solutions.

Our efforts are centred around empowering communities and fostering a future where technology and tradition coexist and thrive together, reflecting our name's guiding light—a morning star ushering in a new era for all Australians.

At Yirigaa, we are committed to creating a future where technology and cultural heritage thrive together. Here’s how we envision and enact our core principles:


Our approach is community-centric, developed in close consultation with First Nations communities to ensure cultural and practical relevance. We focus on education and building strong partnerships with institutions and industry leaders to maximise opportunities for our academy participants and business clients. By committing to continual innovation and adaptability, Yirigaa ensures that our services and programs remain cutting-edge and culturally respectful.


Our vision at Yirigaa is to be recognised as a leader in cultural tech innovation, where technology and Indigenous cultural heritage coexist and enhance one another. We aim to bridge diverse communities through technology, fostering understanding and collaboration, while inspiring sustainable change that prioritises the empowerment and advancement of First Nations Peoples.


Yirigaa is dedicated to empowering First Nations Peoples by enhancing their presence and success in the technology sector. We strive to drive technological advancement with innovative IT solutions tailored to the unique needs of our communities, while also promoting cultural inclusion by integrating rich First Nations traditions and knowledge into our educational programs and technological developments.

Our Values

Our values guide us in delivering exceptional service and technology solutions, ensuring that every interaction and initiative reflects our dedication to quality, innovation, and respect for both cultural heritage and our clients.


We empower Indigenous communities by enhancing access to IT education and career opportunities, and promoting personal and community advancement.

Cultural Integrity

We hold deep respect for First Nations cultural heritage, ensuring that all initiatives honour and integrate these rich traditions.


We are committed to technological progress, continuously developing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the community and industry.


We value strong partnerships, working collaboratively with communities, educational institutions, and industry leaders to enrich programs and extend impact.


We prioritise inclusivity, making sure services and opportunities are accessible to all, and fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated.

Yirigaa Academy: Bridging Futures Through Education

The Yirigaa Academy was established to address a critical need: the underrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the technology sector. By providing tailored educational programs that merge IT training with cultural insights, the Academy aims to cultivate a new generation of tech professionals who are not only skilled in modern technology but also deeply rooted in their cultural heritage.

Purpose and Vision of the Yirigaa Academy:

  • Empowering Youth: The Academy opens doors for Indigenous youth, offering them the tools and knowledge to succeed in high-demand tech careers, thus fostering economic independence and community development.
  • Cultural Leadership: Through its curriculum, the Academy emphasises the importance of cultural leadership, preparing students to be ambassadors of their heritage within the tech industry.
  • Innovative Learning: By integrating traditional knowledge with cutting-edge technological education, the Academy ensures that students receive a holistic learning experience that respects their cultural background while being relevant to the global tech landscape.

The Yirigaa Academy is more than an educational institution; it is a transformative space where technology and tradition meet, creating pathways for employment and meaningful, culturally enriched careers in the tech industry.

Community Engagement & Partnerships

At Yirigaa, community engagement and partnerships are at the core of our strategy to ensure that technology is a tool for empowerment and inclusion. Our initiatives are deeply embedded within our communities, guided by continuous dialogue and collaboration with Aboriginal leaders and community members.

Engagement Strategies:
Regular community consultations and cultural workshops allow us to understand and meet the specific needs of Aboriginal communities. This ensures our projects and services are culturally appropriate and beneficial. These consultations influence everything from the curriculum of the Yirigaa Academy to the development of our IT solutions, ensuring they are culturally attuned and aligned with community values.

Influence of Community Input:
Community input is crucial in tailoring the Yirigaa Academy’s educational programs to be culturally sensitive while aligning with the community’s aspirations. This same input helps customise our IT solutions, making them more effective and respectful of cultural practices.

Impactful Partnerships:
Our collaborations with government agencies and leading tech companies aim to bridge the digital divide, bringing advanced technological resources and opportunities to Aboriginal communities. These partnerships not only enhance accessibility to technology and support job creation and professional development, fostering economic growth and cultural preservation within Aboriginal territories.

Through these strategies and partnerships, Yirigaa uses technology to enhance community well-being, uphold cultural values, and encourage economic development, embodying our commitment to empowerment through innovation and collaboration.

Our Impact

At Yirigaa, our impact is felt through integrating innovative technology with deep cultural respect, significantly advancing the tech industry and the communities we serve. We create lasting changes beyond technology solutions by focusing on empowerment, education, and engagement.

  • Industry Influence: Yirigaa has pioneered integrating cultural understanding with cutting-edge technology solutions, making significant strides in enhancing the representation of First Nations people within the tech industry. Our collaborative projects with various sectors have improved technological implementations and fostered an environment where cultural insights are considered integral to technological development.
  • Academy Achievements: The Yirigaa Academy is at the heart of our mission, dedicated to providing education that bridges the gap between traditional knowledge and modern technology skills. Through our academy, we nurture future leaders who are both tech-savvy and culturally aware, equipped to bring a unique perspective to the tech industry.
  • Community Contributions: Our commitment to community engagement ensures that we work alongside Aboriginal communities to develop culturally informed solutions that support their needs. Through these partnerships, we strengthen community ties and enhance access to technology, ensuring that our initiatives benefit and respect the traditions and values of the communities we serve.


Yirigaa’s impact is more than just numbers; it’s about the profound and positive change we bring to individuals and communities, promoting a future where technology and tradition coexist harmoniously.

Meet Our Team

Our leadership team, management group, and advisory board bring a wealth of expertise and a deep commitment to integrating technology with cultural heritage. These key figures guide our mission and shape our strategic direction.

Our Artwork

"Meetings in the Mountains" is a piece of artwork specially commissioned to encapsulate the Yirigaa story and values.

Created by Rebecca Diane Beetson, a renowned Wiradjuri (Dubbo) and Kamilaroi (Moree) Aboriginal artist from Yaingayaingarra, meaning "to help," this artwork symbolises the essence of our mission. It depicts two groups coming together, guided by the yirigaa, or "morning star," prominently featured in white, illustrating the convergence of tradition and modernity.

Commissioned specifically for Yirigaa, this artwork is a visual representation of our journey, emphasising the importance of cultural integrity and collaboration in our pursuit to bridge diverse communities through technology and shared cultural heritage.

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