Data Science Program

Embark on a transformative journey with the Yirigaa Academy Data Science Program. This program combines rigorous industry-led training with deep cultural integration, empowering you to harness the power of data science within a context that respects and celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage.

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Duration  13 weeks

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Learning Objectives

By the end of the program, participants will develop

Technical Proficiency

Develop advanced skills in Python, SQL, Power BI, and Tableau, crucial for handling complex datasets and performing high-level data analysis.

Practical Application

Learn to manage the complete lifecycle of a data science project from initial data collection and processing to model training and implementation.

Integration Skills

Gain experience in creating API endpoints and integrating backend processes with front-end user interfaces, enhancing both the utility and accessibility of data-driven applications.

Course Outline

The Data Science Program offers a comprehensive 13-week curriculum that balances theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on experience:

  • Weeks 1-4: Participants will engage in specialised online courses focused on essential data science tools and technologies, including Python, SQL, Power BI, and Tableau. This phase lays the foundation for robust analytical skills.
  • Weeks 5-13: The program transitions into a Yirigaa-sponsored immersive work-integrated learning project. During this phase, students apply their skills in real-world scenarios, which include collecting and processing datasets, exploring various model architectures, and training machine learning models.

The project culminates in implementing these models in user-friendly applications and presenting findings and recommendations to an audience.

Career Pathways

The Data Science Program is designed to open doors to several promising career paths within the tech industry:

  • Data Analyst: Entry-level roles where graduates can interpret data and turn it into information that can help improve business decisions.
  • Data Engineer: Roles focused on preparing ‘big data’ for analytical or operational uses.


These roles are crucial in various sectors, including government, healthcare, finance, and technology, providing wide-ranging opportunities for program graduates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yirigaa Academy offers specialised programs in Data Science, Cyber Security, Data Networking and Automation, and IT Helpdesk. Each program includes industry-led training and an immersive work-integrated learning project.

Our courses typically run for 13 weeks. The first 4 weeks consist of intensive online training, followed by an 8-week immersive project that applies what you’ve learned in a real-world setting.

Yes, our programs are recognised and respected in the industry. We partner with well-known universities like Macquarie University, Charles Sturt University, and Newcastle University to ensure our curriculum is aligned with current industry standards.

While our mission focuses on empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, our programs are inclusive and open to all individuals who meet the program criteria.

We provide comprehensive support throughout your study, including access to tutors, career counselling, and assistance with job placement after graduation.