High School Cyber Foundations + Cyber Skills Program

Kickstart a future in cybersecurity with the Yirigaa Academy High School Cyber Foundations + Cyber Skills Program. Tailored for high school students, this program introduces the fundamentals of computer operation, cybersecurity principles, and digital investigation techniques, emphasising the development of critical technical skills through a cultural lens.

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Learning Objectives

Students who complete the High School Cyber Foundations + Cyber Skills Program will be able to

Understand basic computer and operating system operations

Setting the stage for more advanced IT learning.

Identify and respond to basic cybersecurity threats,

Preparing them to protect personal and family digital environments.

Apply introductory digital forensic skills to real-world scenarios

Fostering critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in a digital context.

Course Outline

This dual-part program is designed to build a solid foundation in cybersecurity and digital literacy:

  • Part 1 – Cyber Foundations: Focuses on understanding the essentials of computer systems and operating systems, providing students with the knowledge to navigate and use technology effectively.
  • Part 2 – Cyber Skills: This section advances into the realm of cybersecurity, teaching students how to become ‘digital detectives’ through courses in cybersecurity threats, basic defence strategies, and introductory digital forensics.

Career Pathways

This program is an excellent starting point for students interested in pursuing further education and careers in technology and cybersecurity, including:

  • Junior Cyber Security Analyst: Entry-level roles where students can apply their foundational cybersecurity knowledge to monitor and protect against threats.
  • Digital Forensic Technician: Initial positions helping to recover and inspect data from digital devices, an essential skill in law enforcement and corporate security.


The High School Cyber Foundations + Cyber Skills Program offers students a head start in the rapidly growing field of cybersecurity, equipping them with essential skills and sparking an interest in further technological education and careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yirigaa Academy offers specialised programs in Data Science, Cyber Security, Data Networking and Automation, and IT Helpdesk. Each program includes industry-led training and an immersive work-integrated learning project.

Our courses typically run for 13 weeks. The first 4 weeks consist of intensive online training, followed by an 8-week immersive project that applies what you’ve learned in a real-world setting.

Yes, our programs are recognised and respected in the industry. We partner with well-known universities like Macquarie University, Charles Sturt University, and Newcastle University to ensure our curriculum is aligned with current industry standards.

While our mission focuses on empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, our programs are inclusive and open to all individuals who meet the program criteria.

We provide comprehensive support throughout your study, including access to tutors, career counselling, and assistance with job placement after graduation.