IT Helpdesk Program

Launch your IT support career with the Yirigaa Academy IT Helpdesk Program. This comprehensive course is specifically designed to provide you with the foundational skills necessary for excelling in dynamic IT support roles, combining hands-on experience with a deep respect for cultural values.

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Duration  13 weeks

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the IT Helpdesk Program, participants will be able to

Effectively manage and troubleshoot hardware and software issues

Ensuring smooth day-to-day operations in various IT environments.

Implement and maintain cloud-based services

Preparing them to protect personal and family digital environments.

Support various applications and databases

Providing critical backend support for businesses and consumer applications.

Maintain and secure network infrastructures

A crucial skill in keeping organisational data and operations safe from cyber threats.

Course Outline

This structured program spans several key areas of IT support, ensuring participants receive a well-rounded education:

  • Desktop and Service Support: Covers essentials such as operating system fundamentals, hardware basics, software installation, and remote desktop support.
  • Cloud Services: Includes training on cloud computing basics, with specific modules on Azure and AWS fundamentals and cloud security.
  • Application Support: Focuses on software troubleshooting, database fundamentals, business application support, and mobile device management.
  • Network Support: Teaches networking fundamentals, troubleshooting, network security, and introduces virtualisation and SDN (Software-Defined Networking).

Career Pathways

The IT Helpdesk Program equips participants for a variety of entry-level roles within IT support environments, including:

  • IT Helpdesk Call Centre Team Members: Frontline support personnel who handle incoming queries and provide solutions for technical issues.
  • Desktop Support Technicians: Specialists in maintaining and troubleshooting hardware and software on organisation workstations.
  • Network Support Assistants: These support roles focus on maintaining and securing network systems, which are crucial for organisational IT infrastructure.


The program’s comprehensive approach not only prepares participants for immediate employment but also provides a foundation for future professional development in IT support and network management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yirigaa Academy offers specialised programs in Data Science, Cyber Security, Data Networking and Automation, and IT Helpdesk. Each program includes industry-led training and an immersive work-integrated learning project.

Our courses typically run for 13 weeks. The first 4 weeks consist of intensive online training, followed by an 8-week immersive project that applies what you’ve learned in a real-world setting.

Yes, our programs are recognised and respected in the industry. We partner with well-known universities like Macquarie University, Charles Sturt University, and Newcastle University to ensure our curriculum is aligned with current industry standards.

While our mission focuses on empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, our programs are inclusive and open to all individuals who meet the program criteria.

We provide comprehensive support throughout your study, including access to tutors, career counselling, and assistance with job placement after graduation.